Fees and payment

You can pay the fee for your Statement on a Foreign Vocational Qualification online – quick and easy. Find out everything there is to know about our fees and payment options here. 

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A Statement on a Foreign Vocational Qualification costs €150.

The fee is set by the State of Berlin: Verordnung über Gebühren bei der Prüfung von Berufsqualifikationen und von Bewertungen ausländischer Hochschulqualifikationen

The fee does not change. You have to pay the full €150 for a negative statement as well. You cannot use a negative statement to apply for a residence title. Make sure to check if you meet the requirements to receive a positive statement for your vocational qualification before you apply to the ZAB.


You can pay the fee online immediately after submitting your application. You will receive a notification of fees with instructions on how to pay your fee.

When do I have to pay the fee?

You have 24 days to pay the fee for a Statement on a Foreign Vocational Qualification.

If you cannot pay the fee by this deadline, send us a message in My Account. Processing of an application will not begin until the ZAB has received all required documents and the fee in full. 

What are my payment options?

You can choose one of the following payment options: PayPal, credit card (Mastercard or VISA), or SEPA bank transfer.

Online payments are made via ePayBL, the digital platform for public administration fee payments. ePayBL is short for ePayment Bund (federal government) Länder (federal states). You can make a secure payment quickly and easily.

Cancellation fees

In accordance with the Fees Regulation, we are required to keep a part of the paid fee if an application is cancelled. You will be refunded the remaining fee.

If you cancel your application

You can cancel your application as long as the statement is not available for download. You will be charged a part of the fee:

  • Application is not in process: 30 percent of the fee (€45) 
  • Application is in process: 50 percent of the fee (€75)

Would you like to cancel your application? Send us a message in My Account

If the ZAB cancels your application

If you apply for a Statement on a Foreign Vocational Qualification for a university degree, we will cancel your application and charge you no fee.

Would you like us to evaluate your university degree? Our Statement of Comparability is the right document for you.


You can find more frequently asked questions about fees and payments on our FAQ page.