Do I need a Statement of Comparability?

Living, studying, working – depending on what you plan to do in Germany, it can be necessary or useful to get a Statement of Comparability for your foreign university degree. However, it is not always the right document. Find out when a Statement of Comparability is needed and which other authorities you can contact.

What is your goal?

Working in Germany

I have successfully completed a degree program at a foreign university and would like to work in Germany

in a non-regulated profession

Would you like to work in a non-regulated profession? You can apply directly to job offers in Germany. Use your Statement of Comparability as proof of your qualification with public authorities, embassies, and for job applications. 

A Statement of Comparability officially confirms the educational level your university degree corresponds to in Germany.

Find out more about regulated and non-regulated professions

in a regulated profession

You have to prove that you have specific professional qualifications before you can work in a regulated profession. To do so, you have to obtain professional recognition from the state you will work in. 

While you can apply for a Statement of Comparability, it does not replace the required professional recognition.

Find out more on the German government's recognition portal


I would like to study in Germany.

Contact the university of your choice directly. They will let you know which admission requirements you have to fulfill and how you can apply. 

For more information visit the Higher Education Compass.

Vocational training

I would like to do vocational training in Germany.

Your secondary school qualification has to be recognized. 

Find recognition authorities for foreign secondary school qualifications in anabin.

Using an academic title

I would like to find out how I can use my academic title in Germany.

Each German state has its own higher education act regulating the use of foreign academic titles. For more information contact your state's ministry of science. 

You can find additional information about the use of academic titles on our website. 

Visa or residence permit

I would like to apply for a visa or residence permit.

Do you have to prove to a German embassy, consulate, or immigration authority that your university degree is comparable to a German qualification? You can use a Statement of Comparability to do so.

For more information visit the German governments official website Make it in Germany.  

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