Statement of Comparability

A Statement of Comparability for Foreign University Degrees helps skilled workers to get ahead: it is the pathway to the German labor market for graduates with a foreign university degree. On this website you can learn everything about Statements of Comparability and the benefits of holding one. 

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A Statement of Comparability opens doors for you

A Statement of Comparability is an official certificate issued by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). It compares a foreign university degree to a qualification in the German education system. You can use it as proof of your qualification with German government offices, embassies, and employers.

Increase access to the labor market

The information included in a Statement of Comparability helps understand a degree from a different education system and in a different language. Employers can recognize the value of your qualification. 


Immigrate and work

When applying for a visa or an EU Blue Card, you have to show that your university degree is comparable to a German qualification. You can use a Statement of Comparability to do so. 

Fulfill requirements for job applications

Many employers request a Statement of Comparability for job applications – for instance in the public sector.

What is included in a Statement of Comparability?

A Statement of Comparability states the names of the university degree, the degree program, and the university. It shows how long the degree program was, the mode of study, and the date and place of graduation. It confirms that the university and degree program were recognized. It names the corresponding education level in Germany, for example that of a bachelor's or master's degree. 

General information about access to higher education, using an academic title, and professional recognition is part of a Statement of Comparability – but it does not entitle its holder to university admission, continuing education, or to work in a regulated profession. A Statement of Comparability also does not convert international grades into German grades.

Who can apply for a Statement of Comparability?

The ZAB issues Statements of Comparability for university degrees from all around the world. Make sure to answer the following questions before submitting an application:

Do I need a Statement of Comparability?

Working, living, studying in Germany – you can find out here if a Statement of Comparability will help you reach your goals.

Find out

Can I apply for a Statement of Comparability?

You can check here if you can apply for a Statement of Comparability for your university degree.


Statement of Comparability

The ZAB issues Statements of Comparability on behalf of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany and on the legal basis of the Lisbon Recognition Convention.

The educational history of each applicant is reviewed on an individual basis. A Statement of Comparability is issued based on consistent standards and is quality assured.

76,300 applications

In 2023, the ZAB received more than 76,300 applications.

165 countries

The ZAB evaluated university degrees from 165 countries.

The digital Statement of Comparability

A digital Statement of Comparability is valid in all of Germany and forgery-proof – and it is delivered directly to your electronic inbox.

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No more paper

Digital from application to finished Statement of Comparability

  • Submitting applications, uploading documents, sending messages: you can take care of everything in your personal account on our website – fast and easy from the comfort of your own home.  
  • You can pay the fees for your Statement of Comparablity immediately after submitting your application. We offer safe payment options via ePayBL. 
  • Your data is well protected. The ZAB only receives data from your BundID account that is necessary to issue a Statement of Comparability.

FAQ about the digital application process

Immediate download

As soon as a Statement of Comparability has been issued it can be downloaded from our website. You can use it right away.

Secure verification

The authenticity of a Statement of Comparability can be verified at any time and beyond any doubt. Its Digital Seal ensures that a Statement of Comparability is forgery-proof.

Easy submission

You can submit a Statement of Comparability digitally to government offices, universities, and employers – quick, easy, and free of charge.

How to verify a Statement of Comparability

Online verification of the Digital Seal

Upload the Statement of Comparability or the Digital Seal online. You will be able to verify the authenticity of the Statement of Comparability.

Verify a Statement of Comparability

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Offline verification of the Digital Seal

Click on the Digital Seal in the PDF file to view the stored data. 

Any authority that has received a digital Statement of Comparability can compare this data with the information contained in the document and verify the authenticity of the Statement of Comparability.