Are you planning on applying for a Statement of Comparability for your foreign university degree? Find out everything about the application process here—from the preparation to the completed Statement of Comparability.

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Can I apply for a Statement of Comparability?

Use our Pre-Check to find out if an evaluation of your university degree is generally possible and which documents you have to submit. 


Before you apply

Reason for the application

Is a Statement of Comparability the document you need? Find out what a Statement of Comparability can be used for before you apply.

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The Pre-Check includes a list of all the documents required for an evaluation. Please collect these documents before you submit your application. 


Financial assistance

You might be eligible for financial assistance for your application. You have to apply for financial assistance before applying for a Statement of Comparability. 

Financial assistance

How to apply

Submit your application for a Statement of Comparability online on our website. 

  1. Create an account

    Create an account on the ZAB website. You need a BundID account to set up the ZAB account. Go to our FAQ for information about creating an account.

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  2. Prepare your documents

    Collect the documents listed in our Pre-Check. Scan the documents. Save the scans as PDF files.

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  3. Fill out the application form

    Fill out the online application form. Upload your documents. You can save and return to your application at any point.


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  4. Pay the fees

    Once you submit your application, you can immediately pay the fee online. You can find your notification of fees as a message in My Account.

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After you apply

  • Once you have submitted all the required documents and we have received the fee in full, the 3-month processing time starts. The processing time is shorter for applications required for an EU Blue Card or as part of the Fast-Track Procedure for Skilled Workers.
  • If we need additional information or documents, we will send you a message in My Account.
  • You can check your application status in My Account at any time.
  • As soon as your Statement of Comparability has been completed and can be downloaded, we will send you a message. In addition, we will notify you via email.

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You can find more frequently asked questions about the application process on our FAQ page