Fees and payment

How much does a Statement of Comparability cost? What are my payment options? Am I eligible for financial assistance? Are there any cancellation charges? Find the answer to every question regarding our fees, payment options, and financial assistance here.

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Fees for a Statement of Comparability

The fees for a Statement of Comparability are established by the Berlin Fees Regulation for the Evaluation of Professional Qualifications.

Fees Regulation

First Statement of Comparability

The first Statement of Comparability costs €200.

Additional Statements of Comparability

Each additional Statement of Comparability costs €100 per application, for instance the evaluation of a second university degree.



You can pay the fee online immediately after submitting your application. You will receive a notification of fees with instructions on how to pay your fee.

Payment deadline

The regular deadline for paying the fee for a Statement of Comparability is 3 weeks.

If you cannot pay the fee by this deadline, send us a message in My Account. Processing of a Statement of Comparability will begin once the ZAB has received the fee in full. 

Payment options

You can pay with PayPal, by credit card (Mastercard or VISA), or by SEPA bank transfer.

Online payment is made via ePayBL, an electronic payment service of the German federal and state governments for digital administrative services. It is a fast, easy, and secure way to pay. 

Financial assistance

There are a few ways to receive financial assistance for a Statement of Comparability. You have to apply for financial assistance before you submit your application for a Statement of Comparability.

Fore more information about financial assistance, visit the German government's recognition portal:

Find out more about financial assistance

Cancellation fees

In accordance with the Fees Regulation, the ZAB is required to keep a part of the paid fee if an application for a Statement of Comparability is cancelled. You will be refunded the remaining fee.

If you cancel your application

You can cancel your application as long as the Statement of Comparability is not available for download. Depending on the processing status of your application, you can be charged up to 50 percent of the fee. If you would like to cancel your application, please send us a message in My Account.

If the ZAB cancels your application

We may not be able to issue a Statement of Comparability for your university degree, for example if your university or your degree program was not recognized at the time of your graduation or if you do not submit the required documents. We will keep up to 50 percent of the fee.


You can find more frequently asked questions about fees and payments on our FAQ page