Accessibility Statement

The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) strives to continually improve the accessibility of its web services. An accessibility statement is required according to the Act on Accessible Information and Communication Technology Berlin (BIKTG Bln). The technical accessibility requirements are regulated by the Accessible Information Technology Regulation 2.0 (BITV 2.0).

This Accessibility Statement applies to the websites under as well as the online application sites under and


Development of the Accessibility Statement

This Accessibility Statement was developed or updated on 19 June 2024.

The technical accessibility check was carried out as a self-assessment by the public authority listed above.

The exclusive official and binding version of this Accessibility Statement shall be the German version. The English translation is provided for convenience only and is neither valid nor legally binding.


How accessible are our services?

The Statement of Comparability websites are partially accessible. The BITV 2.0 requirements are partially met.


Which parts of our services are not accessible?

The following parts of our services are not accessible due to the reasons indicated below: 

Information services offered under

  • The voice toggle is not fully detectable or perceivable by screen readers. 
    We plan to improve this feature in 2024.
  • The focus indicator is not continually presenting visually to keyboard users.
    We plan to improve this feature in 2024.  
  • Only 2nd-level breadcrumb navigation is available as an alternative option to access navigation. 
    The online application and "My Account" can only be navigated via the main navigation.
    We plan to implement a search function offering an alternative option to access these services once our website is relaunched in 2024.
  • High-contrast mode user-defined settings can lead to reduced contrast of the site header. This affects the ZAB logo. Graphics used to operate our services are not affected.
    We plan to improve our graphics in 2024.


Online application form under and

  • The application's drop-down features, radio buttons, and progress bars cannot continually be operated via keyboard. 
    We plan to improve this feature in 2024.
  • While accessing the "help" information, the background elements can still be controlled via keyboard.
    We plan to deactivate the background elements while the "help" information is accessed in 2024.
  • Some error and status messages cannot be fully detected or perceived by screen readers. In case of errors, the respective sections are not sufficiently highlighted. 
    We plan to improve these elements of the application form in 2024.
  • The payment process requires a link to an external website (ePayBL) leading to an unexpected change of context.
    Since we are required to work together with service providers, we cannot make this part accessible, 


Report accessibility barriers

Would you like to receive information regarding the implementation of web accessibility or report existing accessibility barriers? Are you not able to sufficiently perceive, operate, or understand something on our website? Do you need information in an accessible way? Please contact us.

Your contact at the Central Office for Foreign Education

Name: Dr Bennet Jäger



Contact the Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility 
(enforcement procedure)

If you were not able to contact the ZAB, if you did not receive a response within 4 weeks, or if you only received an insufficient response, you can contact the Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility to seek an enforcement procedure. Please always contact the ZAB first.

Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility